Entrepreneur Services

Kinetica Ventures assists entrepreneurs to bring their technologies to market and scale them for industry. We work with clients that:

  • Have a market demand
  • Are a technology developer
  • Are ready to commercialize
  • Are committed, credible, and coachable
  • Are incorporated
  • Have a validated prototype
  • Want to build a business

Accelerate your business to better meet customer needs, access targeted financing opportunities, run a successful pilot program and deliver on a progressive business model.

Corporate Fitness Assessment

Our corporate fitness assessment will help us to better understand your business so we can create a commercialization strategy to move you forward.

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Commercialization Program

Following the Corporate Fitness Assessment, our four-to-six month commercialization program will guide you, with support from experts, mentors and industry partners, to scale your business and technology.

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Associate Member Program

Leverage our associate member program to provide your business with essential support services most needed by startups.

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Custom Commercialization Services

If additional work is required after the commercialization program, Kinetica will customize our offerings to fit your businesses' needs.

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