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The fitness of your company matters to industry and investors.

The viability of your technology matters to industry and investors.

Kinetica Ventures is the bridge for technology developers to connect with the energy industry and get products adopted.

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  • Energy Focus – Your solution is needed in one or more of our Focus Areas
  • Beyond Concept – You have a validated prototype or demo
  • Incorporated Company – Your corporate team is focused exclusively on developing your company and your technology  

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Focus Areas

Technologies that improve hydrocarbon recovery and processing, including improving cost competitiveness, efficiencies, and environmental performance. Can include resource management, products processing, water management, waste disposal, and product quality (conventional, oil sands, natural gas).

Technologies that make the transport of energy by electrical grid, pipeline, rail or other modes safer, more efficient and cost effective. Includes monitoring and response technologies, operations and management approaches and alternative materials.

Technologies that allow cost-effective capture, storage and re-use or conversion of CO2 and other greenhouse gases (GHG). Also, technologies that reduce or mitigate GHG production, including energy efficiency.

Renewable energy technologies that improve on the cost competitiveness of biofuels, hydro, solar, wind and others, as well as enabling technologies such as SmartGrid and energy storage.

How We Help You

Working closely with you, and using our proprietary Corporate Fitness Assessment tool, we do a diagnostic evaluation of your commercialization strengths and gaps. We then provide you with specific actions to be addressed at the next stage of commercialization with Kinetica Ventures.

Kinetica has more than 50 industry experts on our Extended Team. Through our program, you can access mentoring and assistance from them. Your designated Commercialization Manager and select Extended Team personnel will work with you to identify the highest priority needs and develop a plan to help you address those needs.

Using our proprietary Commercialization Pathway tool and your previously identified goals, strengths and gaps, a custom plan is developed for you. Kinetica will work with you to complete the actions in the plan, supporting your transition over the "valley of death" between prototype and customer adoption. This will prepare you to pitch your solution to selected industry representatives. 

Successful completion of the Commercialization Pathway Plan will enable you to present your solution to an appropriate industry partner and/or technology end-user. This connection with end-users will give you the potential to advance your solution into a pilot-stage with a partner. 

After connection to end users, Kinetica can continue to work with you to provide customized commericalization assitance, expertise and the resources that you need at the right time to advance your technology and your company. 

Technology Opportunities List

Kinetica Ventures works closely with energy industry partners to identify and prioritize innovation opportunities, and find solutions for these opportunities. We have initiated discussions with many of the major energy players in Alberta’s energy sector, which has resulted in our detailed Technology Opportunities List.

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