Commercially de-risked technology solutions to improve your bottom line

The energy industry needs de-risked technology solutions. Technology developers need to get products adopted. We bridge the gap. 

Kinetica Ventures works with energy end users to identify their leading challenges, and finds innovative solutions for these challenges by working with technology developers to de-risk and commercialize their solutions. Ensuring that technology developers have commercial readiness lowers your development, capital and execution risk.

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Focus Areas

Technologies that improve hydrocarbon recovery and processing, including improving cost competitiveness, efficiencies, and environmental performance. Can include resource management, products processing, water management, waste disposal, and product quality (conventional, oil sands, natural gas).

Technologies that make the transport of energy by electrical grid, pipeline, rail or other modes safer, more efficient and cost effective. Includes monitoring and response technologies, operations and management approaches and alternative materials.

Technologies that allow cost-effective capture, storage and re-use or conversion of CO2 and other greenhouse gases (GHG). Also, technologies that reduce or mitigate GHG production, including energy efficiency.

Renewable energy technologies that improve on the cost competitiveness of biofuels, hydro, solar, wind and others, as well as enabling technologies such as SmartGrid and energy storage.

How We Help You

We help your organization consolidate and prioritize a confidential list of technology challenges/needs.

Scale your internal efforts by leveraging our proprietary Tech Scouting process. We search the globe for emerging solutions that have the potential to address your challenges through our unique combination of diverse information sources, comprehensive analysis, and access to a broad range of innovators (from startups to researchers to experienced cross-sectoral tech developers).

Once potential solutions are found for you, we help the technology developer de-risk all aspects of their business, improve their corporate fitness and accelerate their commercialization path to prepare them for engagement with you.

Overcome internal resource constraints by leveraging our resources. Reduce your costs of finding and testing new technologies.

Technology Opportunities List

Kinetica Ventures works closely with energy industry partners to identify and prioritize innovation opportunities, and find solutions for these opportunities. We have initiated discussions with many of the major energy players in Alberta’s energy sector, which has resulted in our detailed Technology Opportunities List.

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