A Calgary-based designer, developer and manufacturer of a patented line of nanoparticle products that has the potential to dramatically reduce the loss of drilling fluid during drilling whilst providing, wellbore strengthening, lubricity and a reduction in the loss of drilling fluids to drill cuttings. The technology produces a more efficient, environmentally friendly, cost effective and safer drilling operation.

Kinetica and Associate Member Services Received

  • Commercialization Fitness Assessment
  • Accounting and tax services
  • Legal and IP advisory services
  • INC office space
  • Lab facilities referrals
  • Project assistance (in progress)
  • Market research
  • Accounting/bookkeeping/tax/annual government filings
  • Website and logo
  • Marketing, communications and public relations services
  • Human resources support

Company Successes

  • Company formation and structuring
  • Interim CEO and VP Corporate Development added to team (2012)
  • Full time CEO added 2016
  • Signed JDA with International Chemical Company (2015)
  • Successfully completed 8 Field trials of 1st generation technology (2015)
  • Successfully scaled up the manufacturing process to commercial quantities (2016)
  • Seed capital investment provided through Innovate Calgary & various private investors
  • Successful grant applications to AITF, IRAP, Nanobridge, NSERC

“nFluids has benefitted in many ways through Kinetica’s provision of services. The value that Kinetica provides to startups is important for any city and any part of the energy sector, not just oil and gas. The marriage of industry and new technology is not new but the challenge is the compatibility between what is traditionally a very academic focused tech-ecosystem and a business-driven suitor. Each has their challenges, but when an institution like Kinetica can support the technology, and make it industry ready, it de-risks the opportunity for all parties.”

–Jeffrey Forsyth, CEO

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