An Alberta-based company developing a dense-phase gas liquefaction technology that will reduce capex, energy consumption and GHG emissions for LNG production plants.

Client Achievements:
• Company updating internal strategy
• Intellectual property secured
• Technology validation program development

Services Provided:
• Corporate Fitness Assessment
• Referral to ecosystem partners
• Identification of commercialization priority areas
• Connection to laboratory testing facilities

“Our experience with Kinetica and Innovate Calgary has been nothing short of tremendous. They've helped us clarify our business model, identify issues that we need to resolve and have plugged us in to their network of support organizations - connecting us to people and programs that can help us enormously. We have been able to access and benefit from marketing support, shop and lab expertise and facilities, and legal expertise – all of which continue to make a critical difference to our small company and to the development of our technology. I would like to say Kinetica has met us at our needs - but they've gone above and beyond that. They've helped us define a path forward. I consider Kinetica (and Innovate Calgary) to be a critical, indispensable extension of our team.” - Larry Hoffman, Founder

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