Extended Team Member

Ross Keating is former President and Chief Operating Officer of Canadian Hydro Developers, Inc. (CHD), a company he co-founded in 1989 with his brother John. Canadian Hydro was solely focused on low-impact electric power generation in Canada. At the time it was acquired by a major Alberta utility, Canadian Hydro was Canada’s largest and most successful pure-play renewable energy developer. Ross received lifetime achievement awards from each of the Independent Power Producers Society of British Columbia and the Association of Power Producers of Ontario. In 2012, Ross was named to Canada’s 2012 Clean50 as an outstanding contributor to clean capitalism.

Ross is currently a Director at BlueEarth Renewables, and it’s subsidiary, H2O Power. Both companies are focused on new renewable energy technology opportunities.

Ross has extensive experience as an entrepreneur in the planning, developing, financing, constructing, and operating of wind, hydro and solar plant facilities.

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